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Project Description
iLangl Service is a direct high-speed bridge between content that you want to localize and translation service providers. iLangl helps you to order translations directly from Content Management System (CMS) and easily manage all related aspects and issues. First plugin will be developed for DotNetNuke CMS.

iLangL is an interactive language localization service that allows you to localize your site using your current CMS without the hassle of hiring an independent translation service. Our mission is to make website localization fun and easy; so we have developed this TMS system tailored specifically to your CMS.  The iLangL DotNetNuke plug-in will save you time and money, and provide you with all the easy-to-use tools you need to successfully manage and localize your website. 

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About This Project

With iLangl, you no longer need special technical knowledge to get your website localized. Order translations, get almost real-time translation progress tracking and manage your localized content in the same simple way!

iLangl DotNetNuke plug-in helps you to localize DotNetNukeWeb Site starting from DotNetNuke version 6.0. The ordered translation goes directly to Translation Provider. When the work is done, the localized content comes right back to your website, where you can publish it with just a couple of clicks.

And you can do much more with our plug-in! iLangl DNN helps you to track changes in localized content or lock any source content for translation; provides effective translation version control and allows to re-order translations with step-by-step changes.

Localizing your website may involve huge amount of content and multilingual translations. With iLangl project-oriented approach, you simply order multiple translations as one!

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